When I was a kid, the warehouse that now houses the Boatshed was used as a workshop for a ships carpenter. When I was 9 he made me a pair of stilts, and a year later when he retired, he had a party for all the kids on the street that knew him. picture The buttresses that held up the outer wall were the ‘Quay Street Kids’ climbing frame, and the alley between the two was our rat run and hiding place. More latterly the warehouse has been used for storing trawl nets. But throughout this time the place has been pretty much derelict. Picture

In 2012, it was pinned inside and out, externally rendered and given the industrial equivalent of a make-over: derelict to desirable.

In 2013 we set about creating a hostel in the rafters. There were decades of fishing history strewn across the floor and hanging from the ceiling, Flotsam and jetsom of days gone. Picture

We created a light and airy modern space within an old building, keeping as many features as possible and using the original structures to define the layout. Once again the Boatshed had a make over, the industrial version of a detox, cleansed from the inside out.

Having stayed in allsorts of hostels ourselves down the years, we wanted to provide accommodation that was affordable, comfortable and clean. We think we have more than achieved this.